Thursday, February 28, 2013

Premam Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix Review

Prenatal vitamins, while crucial to a pregnancy, are less than desirable for a number of reasons. The worst of these is that they are twelve times the size of any pill you will ever take in your life, making them difficult, or for some, impossible to swallow. They can cause or contribute to nausea as well as constipation.

Say good-bye to those nasty horse pills and hello to Premama!

Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix is 100% natural, only 6 calories, easy to mix, easy to digest,  flavorless,contains DHA and all of the vitamins and nutrients essential to a healthy Premama and her unborn child. Premama can be mixed with just about any drink (though it's not recommended for use in plain water, which is a bummer, carbonated drinks or warm beverages) and is virtually undetectable to your taste buds.

I was sent several boxes of Premama to share and review the product. We tried Premama in orange juice, iced tea, Crystal Light and Fruit Punch. We all agreed that we either could not taste or did not mind the taste of these drinks with Premama added to them.

You can learn all about Premama on their website here. Be sure to like Premama on Facebook too!


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I was sent Premama as part of a promotional partnership between Premama and MomSelect in exchange for reviewing and sharing the products. No monetary exchange took place and any and all opinions are my own.**

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