Monday, February 11, 2013


I can't believe that a month from today this baby, MY BABY, will be five years old. 

He saves me every day. 

A true testament to children being born with a certain special something. A gift. Something you can't quite put your finger on...something that doesn't have a name...but something all the same. 

He intrigues and delights, both me and total strangers, with his unique perspective on the world around him. And his signature facial expressions.

He asked me this morning if he'll still be able to fart in Heaven and before I could answer, proclaimed, "Because I am NOT gonna die if I can't fart anymore!"  

That's my Daniel. He calls the shots. 

"Do I have school this day?" "Can we go to the park this day?" "There are none bread." "May you please make me chocolate milk?" 

I love the way he speaks. Like he's waiting on his green card.  It's so adorable that I don't dare correct him. I want it to last. Dear God, let it last...a few more weeks, a few more months, another year. 

Keep him sweet. Keep him kind. Keep him good. 

He feels the energy around him the way I do and soaks up everyone's feelings the way I do. He is smart and sensitive and he doesn't take anyone's shit. 

He is his Mama's boy. 

I worry about his heart since it mirrors my own.

Someday the world is going to demand more of him than he thinks he can give. I hope I can guide him to grow and know who he was meant to be.

I'm confident this boy is going to grow up and make the world a better place. He is destined for great things. I feel it in my bones and I've seen it in his eyes. 

My little lovebug. It's going way too fast.




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  1. What an adorable little creature... :) I feel for you, everything's going way too fast for these kids, one moment you are preparing their milk in a bottle then next, then seem not to need you anymore except to cook for them :P