Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Success Made Simple - GoalForIt.com Review

It's not often you come across a website that has the potential to change your families day to day life, to make your days more organized and less stressful and to bring your household more focus, balance and accomplishment. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever come across a website that could really bring those benefits to a family and make it so to easy to achieve success. GoalForIt.com absolutely has the potential to do all of those things for you and your family. And the best part? It's completely free! 

So what exactly is this magical website? 

GoalForIt.com is a free online resource that provides a number of quick and simple tools to help families achieve success. These tools include a Goal Setting tool with Goal Tracker, Chore Charts, Behavior Charts and To Do Lists. 

The free Chore Charts and Behavior Charts can be made for either kids or tweens & teens. You're able to create a personalized chart for your child in minutes. The chart can then be used online or can be printed for more traditional offline use. The option to print the charts is great for use with little guys like mine, while the option to use them online will bring greater appeal to older kids. And these aren't the boring black and white charts you might be picturing in your mind when you think "chore chart". They have over 50 themes to choose from. Our background is currently that of aliens, which the boys absolutely love. You can also add an optional reward system where you're child can earn points for completing their chores or exhibiting behavior that is expected of them. I love that GoalForIt.com allows you to set responsibilities and behavioral expectations in a positive way that will keep keep kids engaged.

The world is a different place all together from the world we grew up in. Families have a lot more on their plates these days. I feel like a large part of the problem in our society today is a total lack of personal responsibility. Learning to accept responsibility for your actions starts at a very young age. I want to raise kids who have respect - for themselves and for others. I want to raise kids who know the value of accomplishing a task that's laid out before them, kids I can take pride in, kids that can take pride in themselves. I want to raise kids who are self motivated. Kids with a sense of independence. Kids who do the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do. I feel like GoalForIt.com is helping me to achieve these goals for my boys.

I honestly can't think of a single family I know who couldn't benefit from the Chore Charts and Behavior Charts at GoalForIt.com! Visit GoalForIt.com today and see how it can help you help your kids acquire essential life skills and learn valuable life lessons. 

*In Full Disclosure, I received monetary compensation in exchange for my review of GoalForIt.com. However, my opinions and enthusiasm for the site and what it can do for your family are 100% mine and 100% real. :)* 


  1. I love your views on raising kids-I agree, oh and make sure they know the Constitution so they can keep our politicians in line!

  2. Ha ha...well they both know The Pledge of Allegiance so I guess that's a start! :)