Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Now Pronounce You Hamster and Wife! - Zhu-Zhu Pet Royal Wedding Review

Last week people all over the world watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This week at our house (a slightly smaller venue) we had a royal wedding of our own. I was honored to plan and officiate the wedding of the sweet and beautiful Princess Snowcup and the handsome and debonair Prince Dashington. 

We were supplied with an awesome Zhu-niverse Royal Wedding Kit, which included the Bride and Groom, (3) Zhu-Zhu Wedding outfits, a Magical Princess Carriage, a Magical Princess Castle and a  Magical Princess Ballroom.

We had fun setting up for this unique play-date! Our typical play-dates don't require decorations, but we were having a wedding, a ROYAL WEDDING at that, so we had to set the theme! A trip to the Dollar Store covered everything we needed to fancy the place up for a wedding:


Our guests arrived to the wedding dressed to impress and excited to test out the fun Magical Zhu-Zhu Princess line of toys!

 A few of the non-battery powered guests (from L to R): Princess Nellie, Princess Mila, Princess Belle and Prince Sean

Our play date started off with some snacking, as any good gathering does. We then attempted to make the girls toilet paper dresses, however, my son was the only one interested in wearing a toilet paper wedding gown. 

              Which he then tore off in an Incredible Hulk type move. 

Princess Isabelle wasn't interested in a T.P. gown, but we did manage to convince her to wear a toilet paper veil. 

We also had to make Princess Snowcup a wedding gown from toilet paper. The pink dress she was wearing was lovely, but we felt she needed to be in white. 
After the Bride was dressed, the Royal Carriage came to pick her up and carted her off to the Crystal Castle where Prince Dashington was waiting for her. 

The Bride and Groom exchanged vows and the wedding ended with a kiss. Oh yes...we actually held a ceremony. The kids faces were priceless! I need to look into getting ordained, I think I may have missed my calling! Then the newlyweds went to the ballroom where they shared their first dance.

Our family is not at all new to Zhu-Zhu Pets. We've been big Zhu-Zhu Pet fans at our house for a few years now. You can learn all about the Zhu-Zhu line of quality toys, like the items from the Magical Princess line we were provided for our Royal Zhu-Zhu Wedding by checking out The Zhuniverse online here. It's been our experience that the zhu-zhu pets, play sets and accessories are fun, easy to operate and great for kids of all different ages.

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**In full disclosure: This is not a paid post, no monetary exchange took place. We were provided with the toys described to host a play date and share the fun with you here. :)**

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