Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break Survival Strategies

This week kids all over Cape May County (and all over the country) are enjoying the time honored tradition of driving their parents insane over Spring Break. 

Here are a few Spring Break Survival Strategies to bring more fun to your time together and keep your sanity with a house full of kids for a week:

Stick to a morning schedule - Have your kids do their normal grooming every morning, baths, brush teeth get dressed, etc., just like it were a normal school day. No one wants to fight with their child to get out of their pajamas at 1 o'clock on the afternoon. Your kids just might be less inclined to lounge around and sit in front of the TV if they're dressed. 

Get Outside - It's not negative 12 degrees anymore so there's no excuse for not getting outside in the yard. Pray for no rain. Fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun will do wonders for your kids - and for you too!

Set a time for quiet time - You don't want your kids sitting around bored all Spring Break, but you don't want them running around non-stop either. It's important for everyone - kids and grown-ups alike - to have some down time each day. Set a time of day (perhaps after lunch) that is reserved for quiet time.

Get Creative - Gather your art supplies (paper, crayons, markers scissors, paint, glue, glitter, etc.), lay some newspaper down on the kitchen table and let your kids creative juices get flowing. You'll be amazed what your kids can come up with!

Hold Baking Class - A box of cake mix and a tub of icing is all you need to hold a simple baking class for your kids. Let them measure, pour and mix. Send them outside to play while the cake is in the oven then bring them back in once the cake is cooled to ice it. It might not look like it came from a bakery, but you're kids will be so proud of the job they've done.

There's Strength In Numbers - You're not the only parent who's up to their eyeballs in kids this week. Call friends and arrange to exchange play dates or set up a play date for everyone at the playground. 

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