Friday, April 22, 2011

Neither bugs nor robots have ever been so cool...

HEXBUGS Nano Bugs are just about the coolest toy to come down the pike in a long time. 

What in the world is a HEXBUG Nano?

HEXBUG Nano's are tiny, little robotic critters that behave just like real bugs. They are battery powered (My favorite thing about HEXBUGS? They include batteries!), have 12 little legs and vibrate to move themselves around their habitat trails and the floor. If they tip over, the flip their little selves back over and get back on their way. If something is blocking their way, they flip change direction and keep on going. And they are FAST...really fast. And so much fun!

HEXBUG Nano Bugs are now available in a Limited Edition variety for Easter! They have cute little (removable) bunny ears and come packaged in a plastic Easter Egg. The normal packaging is a little plastic test tube, which is also way cool. These limited edition HEXBUG Nano's are available at Radio Shack, and other specialty stores for just $4.99. They'll make an awesome edition to any kids Easter basket, big or small. It's one of the other things I love about HEXBUGS, they're great for all ages. My boys are 3 and 4 and are huge HEXBUG fans! They love watching them scoot around their habitat and chasing them around my kitchen floor. I'm almost certain there's at least two under my refrigerator.  Older kids can go online and play games and learn about real science. Each Nano comes with a unique code to register your bug and continue the fun on the web.

We were chosen to host a HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg Party! The party pack arrived a little later than expected so I had planned on having the party sometime next week after Easter. As it was, I ended up with half the kids in our neighborhood this afternoon so I decided to go ahead an hold an impromptu HEXBUGS party! We were supplied with HEXBUG Nano Easter Eggs and a HEXBUG Spiral Starter Set. We provided the fun!

My boys were already well aware of HEXBUGS as Santa left them in their stockings at Christmas (as well as a Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set), it was so much fun to see the other kids at our little party experience HEXBUG Nano's for the first time. We had 13 kids here and only 2 of them had ever heard of HEXBUGS before. In fact I got three phones calls from Mom's tonight asking me where they could get more Nano's for their kids. 

It's so cool to be able to introduce kids and Moms to new, fun toys.:) 

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