Friday, August 5, 2011

ZhuZhu Pets Ice Cream Social Play Date

Among any kids "Top 10 Best Things About Summer" is of course, ice cream!!!
The only thing better than having some delicious ice cream on a hot summer day is sharing that ice cream with a friend beside you.

 Lennon and Isabelle enjoying their ice cream.

Today we hosted a fun Ice Cream Social Play Date and enjoyed some ice cream with over 20 of our favorite friends.

Our friends at The Zhuniverse sent us (4) brand new ZhuZhu Pets as well as an Ice Cream Parlor and Ice Cream Truck that inspired our party and we sent each of our guests home with a new ZhuZhu friend. It doesn't get much better than friends, ice cream and ZhuZhu Pets. :)

My favorite thing about the ZhuZhu Pets line of toys is that they appeal to kids of all different ages and interests. Our guests ranged in age from 1-13 and they all had a love for ZhuZhu Pets in well as a love for ice cream! 

Mila, The Ice Cream Queen

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

"Miss Erin, what do we do if we need more ice cream?" - Hailey
 Getting Ice Cream Tattoos...
Daniel and Johnelle sporting the Ice Cream Sand Art Necklaces they made.
 Our play date ended with a game of Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone.
 Be sure to check out the Zhuniverse online, "like" The Zhu-niverse on Facebook and check out the trailer for the new Quest for Zhu movie coming this Fall!

*In full disclosure, we received a party pack that included (4) ZhuZhu Pets, (1) ZhuZhu Pets Ice Cream Parlor and (1) ZhuZhu Pets Ice Cream truck from BSM Media with the agreement that we'd turn around and throw a super fun Ice Cream Party and tell you all about it here.*

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